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Should you hire a copywriter, a brand strategist, or maybe neither?

Struggling to find the right hire? Maybe that’s because you’ve already hired her. This podcast explores how we developed a brand strategy and copywriting team in-house at Viget when we just couldn't find the right outside candidates.

How written English got so weird.

How did the rules of written English become so strange in the first place? And what does that have to do with becoming a better writer? A talk for RefreshDC.

The unusual cases of content strategy.

In this GatherContent webinar we walk through two interesting and atypical case studies: a project with a strong copywriting focus and a a UX/DES/FED content challenge.

What to expect when you're expecting a redesign.

This webinar digs into the steps you should take leading up to a major website redesign to ensure a drama-free process that delivers a beautiful final product.