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Future Me

For our Future Me project, Morningstar financial challenged us to create a joint-marketing campaign with their HelloWallet division that would inspire users to take control of their financial wellness.
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Make financial wellness, daily budgeting, and retirement planning feel like issues that are real enough and urgent enough to inspire user action.
SOLUTION Use easy-to-answer questions to help people imagine their futures, starting with the easier-to-picture immediate future, and moving out from there.
RESULTS A campaign that gets users thinking about, and acting upon, their financial futures through questions that are quick, relevant, and even a bit fun.
How do you inspire people to take control of their financial wellness and start planning for retirement? How do you advise them in a way that’s interesting and doesn’t make them feel overwhelmed? These were the questions we asked when the financial services firm Morningstar challenged us to create a joint-marketing campaign with their HelloWallet division. Our goal was to develop an experience that propelled users to engage with Morningstar’s financial services, which were provided as a benefit to users by their employers. 

We decided to change things up by developing questions that were human, witty, and easy to answer. We created an experience that doesn’t make people feel like they’re failing a test, nor does it rely on fear as a method to produce action.

At the same time, we did need things to get a little personal. We wanted to know more than what people "did" with their money — we wanted to know why they were doing what they did. This information would allow us to better understand a user’s relationship with money and recommend products geared toward his or her financial goals.

The information you typically enter into a financial calculator — your savings account balance, salary, and retirement contributions — are relatively one-dimensional data points; they don’t create a real-life picture of your financial health. Our relatable, conversational approach made it possible to collect richer, more nuanced user data, which then allowed us to make product recommendations that were more accurate and, therefore, more helpful to our users.

Art Direction: Owen Shifflett
Front-End Development: Solomon Hawk
User Research: Heather Muety

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