DICK’S Sporting Goods
Women’s Fitness

We created an interactive campaign site for DICK’S Sporting Goods featuring a shoppable digital lookbook of women's athletic apparel. The site draws users in with narrative video, photography, and shareable inspirational content.

Strong is the new skinny. For their Women’s Fitness campaign, DICK’s Sporting Goods wanted to reach women who are serious about pushing their bodies, not to conform to society’s standards, but to hit the goals they set for themselves.

This audience wants high-quality, on-trend, versatile clothing that meets both their athletic and aesthetic needs. The challenge was finding a way to connect with an audience DSG struggled to reach, while also showcasing women’s athletic clothing in a shoppable and shareable format. We developed a strategy that put DSG’s line of women’s apparel on our target audience’s radar, and created a campaign that celebrates the lives of women in a series of product-featuring storytelling vignettes.

Our strategy centered on creating an authentic, inspiring narrative that our audience could relate to and share. Shooting the DSG apparel in motion, on real female athletes, and paired with unique motivational copy helped us make that genuine connection. We knew stock imagery wasn’t going to cut it if we wanted to create an authentic brand story, so we partnered with film house Alchemy to art direct the site’s custom video and photography, and wrote strong accompanying headlines to bring the campaign’s voice to life.

We introduced another layer of complexity by creating interactive, scalable content tiles that needed to display on top of video and control some of its functionality. These tiles let users shop the stories of different athletes on the site. Women use inspirational images as a source of fitness motivation, so we included tiles with inspirational content, designed specifically to share, tweet, and pin.

“Viget helped concept and execute a series of Lookbook digital campaigns across our focus areas, along with developing a backend system that tied them all together for our customers. It was a whole new way of connecting experiential brand content to ecommerce and revenue.”

Jay Basnight, Former Director of Digital Marketing, DICK’S Sporting Goods

We created an empowering, highly-interactive campaign site for DICK'S Sporting Goods that draws its audience in with narrative-based photography and video, making it easy for users to share their favorite products over social media.

Art Direction: Owen Shifflett
UX Design: Laura Sweltz
Front-End Development: Chris Manning

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Ally Fouts is a creative director, brand strategist, writer, and awestruck human living and working in Los Angel-ish.
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